Nick & Heather Safstrom love to travel and paint in outback Australia. Over the past three years they've flown over flooded Lake Eyre; explored Craven's Peak Station in far north Queensland; Alice Springs; Mt Ives Station in South Australia; and painted in the Strathbogie Ranges in Victoria and Tasmania. Adventures that have inspired their latest outpouring of artwork.

Their most recent exhibition, held July 2011, showed paintings responding to this wonderful land. 41 works sold over the fortnight, a fantastic result, but there are a number left.

New works from 2012 have just been uploaded to the website from their recent Painted Desert and Boolcoomatta trip in 2012 - but prices have not been set. Safstroms' next exhibition is scheduled for sometime in 2013.

If anyone is interested in acquiring some of their artwork

enquiries or sales, contact Heather
or 0423 211 335

Exhibition & some sale items may be previewed and purchased online at Mail me

If you live far away and wish to purchase a piece - we can ship work anywhere in the world. We just add the cost of insurance and freight (which is usually in the order of an extra $40 - just incase you are tempted.)